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Insurance scams rise

Wednesday - 18th Nov ~ by Neilso

The insurance industry has become increasingly keen to take on the shysters, as it did with a man trying to make a $60,000 claim on his ­Mercedes-Benz.

Assessors wondered, as they made an inspection, why a set of wire-cutters was sitting on the front passenger seat of the otherwise pristine Merc.

Luxury cars, like this Maserati, are being used in claim farming schemes.

They assessed it as reparable but the driver disagreed, presenting a questionable quote, which stated the car should be written off and he be given a fat cheque. Because the car would not start, a mechanic pulled away its dashboard and found evidence that wires had been tampered with. This led to suspicion that attempts had been made to deploy the car's airbags, backing the crash claim.

A tow truck was dispatched to get the car back. At one stage, the man even turned up with the police, ­saying the insurer had stolen his car.

Investigators began to look at the four-wheel-drive vehicle that had collided with the Mercedes-Benz. Within days, it had been stolen, as the driver enjoyed a meal alone at an ­inner-suburban restaurant.

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